Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Its been years!!!


My sister has been asking me to continue with blogging since its only been years and I will soon be a new Momma why not!

My last post was in 2011, so much has happened in life allow me to give a brief run down!!

2011 AUG --

The Bae and Me in Hawaii: This is where we got engaged! SUCH AN AMAZING TRIP 

2012 Was a huge year for us! 
In March we were planning for our wedding and enjoying the process. So much of my amazing wedding was done by my mother!!! 

On March 23 I ended up in the hospital with a football size ovarian cyst, just a day after my incredible bridal shower! My love (soon to be hubby) never left my side he waited with me everyday and made sure the surgery went well. Such a crazy feeling to have something growing in your body that you don't have any idea until it tries to kill you! My sister was also an amazing support and made sure I had everything I needed! 

Just over a month later I was married to my soul mate and best friend in the California Redlands Temple. April 27, 2012! We met September 27, 2010 so it was fitting to choose that day! We also decided to wait a year until my husband had been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for a year to enter the temple. This was a very important commitment for us to make to wait the year and get married after that waiting period. More to come in a later post!  

I'm going to leave it there and continue this tomorrow or the next day!!! 

with all my love 

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