Tuesday, April 26, 2016

1 Month Old

How has it already been a month since our little blessing came to this earth!

She still loves to sleep, eat, cuddle and go through lots of diapers! I love when I look over and see is smiling in her sleep. She is a super happy baby for the most part. WE are trying to still figure out the formula and breastfeeding combo.

Rylyn's Moments--

- Rylyn loves to be in her swing and boppy when she is napping but her favorite place is on mommy and daddys chest! Its so sweet if our shirts are too high she will pull them down and climb up till she's in our neck area. So skin on skin is one thing she loves!!
  - She is sleeping better at night usually 4 hours at a time! Which mom loves. Hopefully it just keeps getting better.
  - She also loves the car and doesn't mind her carseat she usually just gets comfy and goes to sleep, however if she is awake if the car or stroller stops moving she is not a happy camper!!!!
  - She loves to sit up and look around.

Mommy Moments

  - I am still just so in disbelief that we have this little sweetie for time and all eternity. She is our life and light. I keep thinking of ways to not only still work a little but spend as much time as possible with her. I love working and more importantly I love what I do. My clients are everything to me and I want to keep those relationships going! Now that Rylyn is a month old I went back to teaching my bootcamp class! Its only been one day but Ry did amazing, she slept for half her class and was in her moby for the rest of the time!!!

  - One thing I am struggling with but doing better is breastfeeding, Rylyn was latching in the hospital  and the second we got home she stopped. I keep trying everyday and yesterday she latched on one side for about 5 minutes. This to us was a huge success. After about day 2 of being home from the hospital it wasn't worth how miserable we both were. It was the fact that she wasn't getting any milk out even though there was milk there. So I pumped and we bottle feed. She had a hard time with breastmilk almost every feeding she was throwing up almost all that she drank. She was able to keep down formula just fine. Everyday is a work in progress but for us, once I stopped stressing so much and being so emotional my life got so much better. I am still able to hold her close while she feeds and bond with her. I think the biggest thing for new mommys is to do what is best for mommy, baby and daddy! My hubby loves being able to feed his daughter and I love it too!

- Rylyn we are so blessed to have you and couldn't be happier as your parents we hope that you continue to grow and be happy. WE can't wait for you to be able to talk to us and to learn and grow as much as possible. We love you baby girl!!!

XOXO-- RileyBlaine

Friday, April 15, 2016

Top 5 Newborn essentials


1. Carseat Cover --

This cover is AMAZING !!! Not only does it offer your newborn protection from total strangers touching them but it keeps them covered from too much sun and also creates a little warm bubble if its too cold! 

I was able to find a coupon code on Facebook and only needed to pay shipping! 

2. Ingenuity InLighten Cradling Swing and Rocker

2-in-1 Swing and Rocker

This is a new mommy life saver!! I wanted the Mamaroo so bad I was even saving for it! However after doing my research and talking with mommy friends most all of them said its not worth it. A traditional swing gives more movement where the Mamaroo is really light movement. I found this 2-in-1 swing and rocker and Grandpa said he would buy it !! SOLD. It has a $180.00 price tag compared to the almost $500.00 price tag! I love that she just sits right into it perfectly and loves being in it. When I need to run to the bathroom or make a bottle or pump she is totally content swinging away! Ive used the rocker a few times, I was able to detach the rocker part and bring her in the bathroom with me and get a quick shower where I could still keep an eye on her! 

3. Dr. Brown Bottles

Loving these bottles. We bought a 6 pack on sale at BabiesRUS. Thank goodness my amazing sister was here the first three weeks of Rylyn's life! The pack I had bought was a level 1 nipple. UMM didn't even look at the package or know about the different sizing of the nipples!!! NEW MOM HERE. When we got home from the hospital my sweet baby wasn't latching on any more and both her and I were getting so frustrated. So I gave in and made her a bottle, first mistake was I used a tiny Advent bottle which would have been fine but the amount of milk that was coming out of the nipple was too much for my newborn. It made her lazy and didn't make her suck at all it would just basically pour into her mouth! After one day of that we realized quickly we needed a change. Thank you google. We found premie nipples for the Dr. Brown bottles and they are perfect! Once she grows more we can switch to the level 1! 

4. MOBY Wrap

This Moby Wrap is awesome! It allows you to wear your baby and keeps them so happy being so close! I found ours at Target on clearance for $13.00. Wait for those deals people!!!!! I think once she is bigger we will need more of the backpack type carrier but for our newborn this is great! I was able to make dinner, do laundry, and frost a cake while wearing her! YAY for keeping the house clean, and baby happy at the same time!

Moby Wrap

5. Honest and CO Diaper Bag

Click the link below and it will take you right to the bag!!! I love this bag it looks so stylish and yet has every pocket and gadget one would need!! I found mine at last chance in AZ! SO I didn't pay full price but now having the bag and using it, I probably would buy it again !!!

Get the Tote here!

These are my 5 of my favorite newborn products, and our experiences with using them!

XOXO- RileyBlaine

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I've waited my whole LIFE!

I can't believe that the time has come for us to meet our sweet angel. She is so perfect and we can't even believe life without her in it!!! 

We had an amazing opportunity to do a newborn shoot with the amazing Deja! Check out her awesome website here. Deja's View Photography  She is incredible, and has the perfect touch for working with newborns, actually all her shoots are amazing but her patience and waiting was outstanding! Find her on Facebook too! Deja'sViewPhotographyFacebook 

Our family feels so complete. We are so happy and so blessed. This little girl has changed my world. Not only do I want to give her the best life but I want to be the best me I can for her, as her example I want to be healthy, nice, kind, loving and forgiving. Along with many other qualities I want to be the best version of myself for her! 

She is long like daddy YAY ! Im a shorty and was hoping my girl would get a little of daddy's height!! She has long fingers and toes and already has a little personality which I love. Being not even two weeks she mostly eats, sleeps, and fills her diaper. WE enjoy every second of it! 

My sweet girl!! And those lips I can't stop kissing her! 

OF course these are all the amazing pictures done by DEJA, my next post will be more of our birth story and Rylyn's journey down to earth and into our hearts. 


Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's Been years #2

Alright so back again!

I think best the only way to really keep going with this is to actually do it!

So after we were married Adrian my husband had finals in school about a week later and a huge trip was just not going to happen!! SOOOOOO San Diego we went, I would say that SD is one of my absolute favorite places!
My hubby has always loved watches and continues to collect! These were 2 watches we bought on our honeymoon trip!!! We love to shop, I love that we can go shopping together and have fun doing it!  

One of my favorite activities we did was go to a massage parlor in a shopping mall and had reflexology done and my baby also had a back massage! It was so great that after we had danced all night before to get our little piggies rubbed on! LOL 

The next big step in our life I would say was getting our sweet, crazy, loving boxer puppy! 
Maybe I should back step a second! We were wanting a puppy/dog and our friend from work couldn't keep his bulldog anymore! I love bulldogs and we decided we should give it a try! So we picked her up and had her for a couple of days! 

She was and is so cute but needed soooooo much attention. She for a long time was at our coworkers mothers house with a few other dogs, I think taking her out of that environment was not the best idea she wasn't happy being alone and we couldn't give her the attention she needed! 

A couple months later I found a boxer puppy and Facebook and Adrian along with my cousin Taige picked her up that day! 

So our sweet girl was able to handle our crazy schedule and was so happy to be with a family!! This breed though is pretty crazy my hubby and I need to sprint on our bikes with her running by our side to wear her down even just a little!!! She is so fun though and the most loving dog ever! 

-Miss Marley-

At the time we lived in a townhouse and loved it there! When the time came and the opportunity opened up for us to move to a house we jumped on that! We are still in that house and love every second of having our own walls and backyard! 

In June of 2015 we went on a cruise and had a blast! 

About 2 months later at the end of July we found out we are expecting our first baby and couldn't be more excited and happy!!!! 

This is our family on my side and it was such a huge day!! We decided to make the hour and a half drive down to oceanside to just have dinner. The reason this is so big is because this was the only time that all 8 of us would be together for about 2 years! My little sister in front is now serving a mission for our church in South Carolina, and my other sister is constantly doing something new and exciting, and my brother and his wife are making a huge move so my sister in law can attend school in Utah! 

This picture means so much because about three seconds after this picture was taken by our family friend Sarah she switched it to video and we then told our family we are pregnant! IT was the best! Our sweet little baby girl will be the first grand-baby and great grand-baby on my side and it is such a fun and blessed time in our lives! 

With huge chunks missing this is a pretty good timeline of our life up to this point! 
Cant wait to share more with you on our life and all my many hats I choose to wear! 

With Love 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Its been years!!!


My sister has been asking me to continue with blogging since its only been years and I will soon be a new Momma why not!

My last post was in 2011, so much has happened in life allow me to give a brief run down!!

2011 AUG --

The Bae and Me in Hawaii: This is where we got engaged! SUCH AN AMAZING TRIP 

2012 Was a huge year for us! 
In March we were planning for our wedding and enjoying the process. So much of my amazing wedding was done by my mother!!! 

On March 23 I ended up in the hospital with a football size ovarian cyst, just a day after my incredible bridal shower! My love (soon to be hubby) never left my side he waited with me everyday and made sure the surgery went well. Such a crazy feeling to have something growing in your body that you don't have any idea until it tries to kill you! My sister was also an amazing support and made sure I had everything I needed! 

Just over a month later I was married to my soul mate and best friend in the California Redlands Temple. April 27, 2012! We met September 27, 2010 so it was fitting to choose that day! We also decided to wait a year until my husband had been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for a year to enter the temple. This was a very important commitment for us to make to wait the year and get married after that waiting period. More to come in a later post!  

I'm going to leave it there and continue this tomorrow or the next day!!! 

with all my love