Tuesday, April 26, 2016

1 Month Old

How has it already been a month since our little blessing came to this earth!

She still loves to sleep, eat, cuddle and go through lots of diapers! I love when I look over and see is smiling in her sleep. She is a super happy baby for the most part. WE are trying to still figure out the formula and breastfeeding combo.

Rylyn's Moments--

- Rylyn loves to be in her swing and boppy when she is napping but her favorite place is on mommy and daddys chest! Its so sweet if our shirts are too high she will pull them down and climb up till she's in our neck area. So skin on skin is one thing she loves!!
  - She is sleeping better at night usually 4 hours at a time! Which mom loves. Hopefully it just keeps getting better.
  - She also loves the car and doesn't mind her carseat she usually just gets comfy and goes to sleep, however if she is awake if the car or stroller stops moving she is not a happy camper!!!!
  - She loves to sit up and look around.

Mommy Moments

  - I am still just so in disbelief that we have this little sweetie for time and all eternity. She is our life and light. I keep thinking of ways to not only still work a little but spend as much time as possible with her. I love working and more importantly I love what I do. My clients are everything to me and I want to keep those relationships going! Now that Rylyn is a month old I went back to teaching my bootcamp class! Its only been one day but Ry did amazing, she slept for half her class and was in her moby for the rest of the time!!!

  - One thing I am struggling with but doing better is breastfeeding, Rylyn was latching in the hospital  and the second we got home she stopped. I keep trying everyday and yesterday she latched on one side for about 5 minutes. This to us was a huge success. After about day 2 of being home from the hospital it wasn't worth how miserable we both were. It was the fact that she wasn't getting any milk out even though there was milk there. So I pumped and we bottle feed. She had a hard time with breastmilk almost every feeding she was throwing up almost all that she drank. She was able to keep down formula just fine. Everyday is a work in progress but for us, once I stopped stressing so much and being so emotional my life got so much better. I am still able to hold her close while she feeds and bond with her. I think the biggest thing for new mommys is to do what is best for mommy, baby and daddy! My hubby loves being able to feed his daughter and I love it too!

- Rylyn we are so blessed to have you and couldn't be happier as your parents we hope that you continue to grow and be happy. WE can't wait for you to be able to talk to us and to learn and grow as much as possible. We love you baby girl!!!

XOXO-- RileyBlaine

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