Monday, December 8, 2008


All the girls at lunch at CKP .. in Rancho Cucummanga where Brie is living for now.. we were all so happy to get together, it had been way too long. Well we had a wonderful time and then Jess and I went to San Diego and stayed a few days there then i returned home !



Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am so EXCITED ! this weekend jessica is coming down from SDSU hopefully on friday and we will being playing all weekend.. WE are both so happy to go visit brie on sunday. we havent seen her in a while and we need to get caught up! GIRL BONDING = SHOPPING ! Jess and I and so ready to have fun with Brie and Dant~! we are both so proud of brie and everything she is doing in her life right now! Then i have the pleasure of staying with Jess in San Deigo till tues i am so happy !

Cameron is also coming down from Utah and i will see him for a couple of days !


>>>>> Also i had the opportunity to play mom this last weekend and had the time of my life i was so happy to be the billman's weekend Babysitter.! Hope you had fun in Vegas Doko. ! LOVE YOU GUYS !

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sorry Doko...

New post is on its way sorry doko, though you need one to ! LOVE YOU

Monday, September 15, 2008

Em's Visit

Well Emily Maire finally came to Cali . I was so excited to have her here.
Tues. night we kinda just chilled but we were definitely up pretty late it was totally fun though. Then wed. what a day we went to go see Joe Emily's dad as we went around his store, well in the basement we found some lovely pictures, one entitled "Brazil is Booty-Ful" we had a really good time. Then Joe took us out to lunch, as some lady behind us almost coughed up a lung Emily and myself could not control our self's we were laughing so hard, and in true Emily fashion we had to have sonic for dinner. That girl lives off that crap ! but i love her anyways.! that night was Jacuzzi night too much fun! she left Thurs but it was a really good short fun trip ! ITS MY TURN TO COME TO AZ ! love you Lu thanks for making the trip out here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


tonight we went swimming we had a really good time.. my friend scott is a talker but he is really funny ! we missed a few people who didnt get to come but thats ok next time..~ ! My branch is going to this dancing place on sat. night but i can not go because briana and i will be ATTENDING A JASON MRAZ concert in which we are so exctied for ! this will be a great time..

love you all good night !


Life is so good i love it . i have so much to be thankful for.. like all my family here my immedate and the billmans i am so blessed to have them here.. and my little macy is getting so big... Well Emily came in yesterday just to get away from az and i am so glad she is here,,,, we dont see each other enough but when we do its totally fun.. i love friends that when they come back its like you didnt miss a beat, we just pick up like we see each other every day i have a lot of friends like that and i am so happy and greatful for them and their love. ! EVERYTHING IS GOING GREAT.. i can still be doing better than i am but i am working on it slowly ..



Thursday, September 4, 2008


`Seth came home today good to have him back!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jill Bean and I had a really good interesting night tonight. We watched both single ward movies and related them to OUR SINGLE BRANCH . it was quite fun... also we had a few good tears. mostly about HOHO.


So while in La Jolla having a great time with the Billmans, i went for a night run. I ran down this HUGE HILL, and then did stair steppers and coming down off of one i rolled my right ankle all the way to the right and feel to the floor. Then not thinking i tired to walk it off by walking back up the HUGE HILL... I put ice on it right away, but i still had to go to the Emergency Room, I have a 3rd degree sprain i am on CRUTCHES for one week but already i have begun to walk on my foot, its doing really good!

Thank you Doko and Uncle Micth for the extremly fun week or half a week ! Next year hopefully i can be there all week. LOVE YOU ALL !

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bries Birthday !

Ok , so tomorrow well really today is brianas birthday ! we have been friends for over 3 1/2 years and have grown so close! i am so excitied for her to turn 19! She is an amazing person and friend~ sorry i cant be there tomorrow but i will make it up to you i promise! MAKE A REALLY GOOD BIRTHDAY WISH, i think i have an idea of what it would be but just in case make it really special and dont tell anyone !


Monday, August 18, 2008


life is really good right now!


life is really good right now!

Friday, April 11, 2008


driving home from seths and jeffs house was a blast ! we did ghost ride the whip down jefferson..! it was so funny ! The whole night was great ! LOVE YOU GIRLS!
This was Ashtons Wedding.. Kean, Kat and i were the bridesmaids.. It was a lot of fun! this is at the san diego temple! this was one of our fun picutres!


This was Seths Birthday... It was a lot of fun! from Left to Right its Me, Stevee, Paige, Justin in the back ground, Sethie Poo and then Charity!

Fun Trip with Doko !

alright first doko says this is better than Myspace so i will try it out!

today was sooo fun. doko and i with all the kids, went and got macyn's 3 month old pictures done.. it was so fun ! i love being with those crazy kids !