Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I've waited my whole LIFE!

I can't believe that the time has come for us to meet our sweet angel. She is so perfect and we can't even believe life without her in it!!! 

We had an amazing opportunity to do a newborn shoot with the amazing Deja! Check out her awesome website here. Deja's View Photography  She is incredible, and has the perfect touch for working with newborns, actually all her shoots are amazing but her patience and waiting was outstanding! Find her on Facebook too! Deja'sViewPhotographyFacebook 

Our family feels so complete. We are so happy and so blessed. This little girl has changed my world. Not only do I want to give her the best life but I want to be the best me I can for her, as her example I want to be healthy, nice, kind, loving and forgiving. Along with many other qualities I want to be the best version of myself for her! 

She is long like daddy YAY ! Im a shorty and was hoping my girl would get a little of daddy's height!! She has long fingers and toes and already has a little personality which I love. Being not even two weeks she mostly eats, sleeps, and fills her diaper. WE enjoy every second of it! 

My sweet girl!! And those lips I can't stop kissing her! 

OF course these are all the amazing pictures done by DEJA, my next post will be more of our birth story and Rylyn's journey down to earth and into our hearts. 


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